Send Gofer

Send Gofer

Custom Concierge Website Design Project in North Jersey by NJSEOs.

NJSEOs worked with the Send Gofer team to develop a professional website design with a content management system and a custom task posting system.  For Send Gofer, we built a custom user portal for both Send Gofer’s team and their customers.  We designed their website to be responsive, meaning that it will automatically adjust it’s style to best suit smartphones and tablets.

Using our developed task posting system, all of Send Gofers’ customers are able to sign up with a package, log in, and submit a task or service request to the Send Gofer team. The Send Gofer team is able to delegate the tasks to their employees, update the existing service request when completed and see all of the client’s information. The customer is also able to see the status updates and reorder a previously completed service request as well. This works exceptionally well for a grocery shopping list or a list of errands that the customer needs completed.

For SEO purposes, we also integrated a custom-town management system where we can post content about their services and target their servicing region using this strategy. NJSEOs offers monthly SEO Services to help your business get the exposure that it deserves.


See screenshot of their website below: 



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March 12, 2015