What is SEO?

Not sure what SEO is? Find out what SEO is and how it could help your NJ Small Business grow!

SEO is an internet marketing strategy known as Search Engine Optimization. Ideally, SEO is a method by which an SEO specialist will make a website more keyword and content rich to drive free traffic (organic traffic) from search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Optimizing a website to rank is one of the most difficult tactics and usually takes years of knowledge and constant following of the latest SEO trends as they happen. Ever since the Google Panda updates, SEO has become a more complex ranking factor that not only involves good keyword selection but also good content rich pages.

NJSEOs has developed its SEO strategies over the years and the owner has successfully taken websites from nowhere to all over the local search engine results in just a few months.

Watch this video for a quick explanation of SEO…

SEO for Small and Medium-sized business owners is very time consuming and sometimes isn’t done right; that’s where we step in. We are geared to helping small/medium businesses in NJ or NYC grow their company and web presence and we have a thorough understanding of the local area of NJ and NYC.

For business owners, free traffic from search engines is the best you can ask for and we help you achieve just that. Organic traffic is just one of the ways that we assist in better website optimization.

What will we do?

We will analyze your current website, your web presence and social foot print and then contact you with our recommendations. Just keep in mind that we charge $100 an hour for our SEO consultation services since we spend literally 1-5 hours analyzing your company and providing you a strategic plan of attack.

If you sign up with us for website design, SEO link-building package or any of our packages, part of your consultation fee will be credited and used towards that. As you can see, we will work with small and medium-size business owners to fit within their budget.

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